Some things in life can't get any better.

We're here for the things that can.

At Perry Law Office, we excel in providing the legal expertise you need, and the results you're hoping for. But we strive to do more than that -- when a life changing event comes your way, we want to help you. Not just as attorneys, but as fellow citizens of Oswego County. It's been our philosophy for more than 30 years. Give us a call or swing by our Pulaski offices, and let us know what's going on. It's what we're here for.

We're here to help.

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Our Location at 29 Broad St. Pulaski NY 13142

An office rooted in tradition.

Perry Law Office is located in a building on Broad Street in Pulaski that’s notable not only for its convenience for clients but for its history. This is a place where the people of Pulaski have turned for legal support since FDR was President – it has been an attorney’s office for the last nine decades. with Perry partner Earl Ledden present for almost half that time.

For us, this is more than just interesting trivia. As a small town law office whose main focus is helping those who need our services and expertise, we take this tradition seriously. When partner Ted Perry was considering whether or not he should acquire the practice in 2010, a meeting with Earl made the decision easy.

“Earl wanted to meet”, Perry reminisces. “It was in Feburary, and it was snowing like crazy. I got to the office, and he wasn’t there yet. The office manager Becky – who has been with the firm for 15 years – told me he’d be right in. Then I heard something whirring outside. It was a snowmobile. There was Earl, riding a snowmobile to work.”

“There were no airs. He came in, took his snowmobile suit off – underneath that was his sport coat and slacks. It was humanistic. ‘I’m Earl. I’m good at what I do. I enjoy life.’ He was the epitome of Pulaski – a community where people really take care of one another.”

In 2012, Ted officially joined the fold, and the Perry Law Office was born. Our Goal is simple, but crucial. to serve our community in much the same way the attorneys in our offices have since the 1930s. To treat clients like the friends and neighbors they are. To always be here to help.

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29 Broad Street, Pulaski NY 13142